Date: 2011-10-11 02:32 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] casimiera
This comment just makes me like you more.

I admit, I did add you because I liked the way you commented on someone else's entry at the addme group and it made me smile. That's a big plus. I like smiling. But just the fact that you wrote all this, and well, wow.

Anyway. We've got a whole conversation going here. Maintaining a 4.0 is hard in general. I tried for a bit, but was unsuccessful. I think in my class (there were 30 of us who graduated -- 2 year degree), there were 2 who had a 4.0. It was a very difficult program. But I am impressed that you are maintaining a 4.0! That's awesome. Kudos! :) And with music theory and Russian...double and triple kudos! Now, if you tell me you're also taking Japanese, I might fall over. ^_^

Truthfully I have been asking myself those questions for the past few days every time I sign on facebook. Not so much on here, or even on LJ, since most of the people on here and LJ I do not know IRL. But FB...I might be doing a clean up.

I'm working on getting my real life to a better place. I think I hit rock bottom again (it's been a while since that happened, probably high school), but I'm slowly climbing back up. I'm trying to stay creative with painting and have thrown myself back into RPGs, although all my old RPing friends are no more. :( And looking for a new job. But since half the women at my job are pregnant and one should be popping out a kid anytime now, I'm hoping for more hours soon. I am glad your life got better! It's funny how it kind of seems to come all at once, making life get better much faster. :)

Haha, a lot of my entries used to come from my head. My inspiration area of my brain is dried up at the moment, I'm watering it constantly, hoping it may grow again. ;) And trust me, you SHOULD make a sheet for all your characters! Recently (as in last night), I was looking at old character profiles from RPGs I have been in (okay, more like characters that I have had in maybe one or two RPGs), and had to laugh at some of the characters I created! I truly don't know where some of them came from, nor do I even remember the stories they were in, which kind of makes me sad. :(

One of the girls I know from high school now has...3938 friends now (I just checked). To her credit, she is something of a local celebrity here. She's on one of the morning news shows, and also is quite a pretty lady. Looks older than she is, but still pretty. ^^'' So I think she has something of a good reason, but she could always make up a page for herself where people could like her instead of having so many friends on FB.

Yeah, I admit, I did look you up. Pretty interesting that you are the only Claire Binkley. I have a friend who has that last name. Well, it's her married name, but still. As for me, there is actually someone else who has my name. Which is somewhat disturbing, since my last name is not that common. Before my cousins and I grew up and all of them started having kids, there were 38 of us who had the same last name in the US. Now with marriages and stuff, who knows? Oh, and apparently I made the President's List last semester at school, which I did not know (I knew I made the Honor's List, I gotz a letter in the mail!). Thanks Google! :]
I don't mind sharing my last name, but...not today. It's not like it's really that exciting anyway. It's Polish, it's 11 letters long, it's mispronounced a lot, and my dad went to high school with Coach K. Just a random fact. Oh, and my user name is my grandmother's first name, actually. Love the name.

I think a lot of my friends on FB would be very confused if my name wasn't my name. So I just stick with that. Although I could just do Karen K. Or Karen the K. Hmmm.

Ah, well, kindness for me...that's me. I am far too kind. But it isn't the good kindness. It's more the type where I have trouble saying no. I am totally working on that. I have this tendency to think that if I say no, people will not like me, and I have this fear of being disliked. All stems back to high school and four girls who were not nice. They did not ruin high school for me, just made me more cautious of people and opening myself up to people. And I know if I say no that the person probably won't hate me, but try telling the fear that lives inside of me. Sigh.

Yeah, I gotz the skillz. ;] I don't know, I just remember people. I remember people's faces and names, I remember people's dogs and their names and the people's faces and their names and their cars (this is from where I used to work), I remember people's faces and their kids and their kids' names and yeah I just remember people and names. Usually when I'm in a new class, after the first month I know everyone's name. I was going to say week, but then I realized that is totally not true. And also, this totally freaks some people out. I remembered one lady after not seeing her for a while and she was like, "what are you, an elephant?" I looked at myself and said, "No, while I'm tall, I don't think I'm that tall." She laughed. :]
and hey, at least you realized you confused the two names. Some people just keep going.

Oh dear, sorry, I went on a super long tangent in just about every paragraph there. Oh well. I do that a lot. yay for random tangents then! :] And yay for this comment that you made because it makes you even more awesome! :D
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