Date: 2011-10-11 08:01 pm (UTC)
claire_chan: Socrates (Socrates)
From: [personal profile] claire_chan
Good good ♥

Smiling makes everyone feel better - except when it's artificial, and sometimes the artificial smiles encourage cheer where it may not have existed previously.
I have time because I'm on holiday - but that is coming to an end. I plan to respond in as much depth when I don't have as much time because it's DW and I particularly want to, just please understand it'd be at odd hours or a couple days later.

We do have a nice conversation here! Why not? :D Keep in mind these messages are likely going to get relegated to hazily "the weekends" maybe.
Unbelievably hard, if p o s s i b l e.
Thank you!! It does mean I don't have as much time as optimal to "goof off", but it's very helpful when trying to make an impression.

Not Japanese this semester, but Greek. xDD I studied a little bit of Japanese at the end of high school. ちょっとだけ。

When I have time and am not writing up something amazing like what Gaius Stuartus got himself into this time...! Maybe I'll draw a profile picture for each of 'em and write a little blurb. Whenever this mysterious "time" pops up.

The physics guy who evidently "likes me" enough for kissing and buying me dinner and a mathematics calendar does not have an FB account, telling me none of his family did. He told me, furthermore, that it always makes people go "WTF?" which I'm sad to report is not verbatim but close enough.

Yeah, it's only Facebook really where I have random people I don't actually know, but I added the other two places just in case I get into an argument with an LJ'er or something. It happens.

My sympathies for having hit rock bottom ;_; even once is bad enough - it does depend on what you consider "rock bottom" though. One of the roughest times of my life was a couple months after a car accident. I write "a couple months" because immediately after the occasion, I had been in a coma. At least the people around me put me into one of the best hospitals in the mid-Atlantic region. It's frustrating thinking I have to fight through accident haze to get all my numbers right again. I manage when I don't think about it, interestingly enough.

Wow, even one of my more popular friends has 900some. I don't think she's necessarily "popular" though - I think most of her friends are pets.

Age and beauty don't go hand in hand :O the most beautiful equations were imagined in the 1800s, and of course just the best music from the 1700s remains.

Maybe uncle John's wife? xDD *fail* Besides my mother that's the only married Binkley lady I can immediately think of. I was disturbed when I found out there are two other Claires in my classes this semester! (One in Computer Science and the other in Greek) Throughout grade school, I was the only one except for a Chinese girl and my grandmother's neighbour.

I'm often on the Dean's List except when I do less than optimally in Music Theory or what have you.

Okay! I think I'm Polish and German and Hungarian and... something else. My surname is often misspelled, if not mispronounced.

Karen the K is awesome xD I know my oboe professor's wife is named Karen! She retained her given name because they both profess at the same college a door apart.

That's interesting! :D My username - my given name with a Japanese cute ending.

If you water the inspiration area too much, it might drown!! Be careful xD

I'm trying to not be as kind myself because people take advantage of that, but it's hard to abstain from civility!

I say I have a bad memory. It depends on what I'm trying to remember IRL, though.

Don't worry about the tangential talk, otherwise our correspondence wouldn't be as interesting! You are awesome too. xD

Time to eat! I've discovered eating a lot = life quality better. Let's preview and submit!!
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