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I don't think I know how to artificially smile. I probably do, just don't realize it yet.

Ah yes, I remember not ever having time! I miss it actually. I'm the type of person who needs something in her life to occupy most of her time so that she doesn't just sit around. School was doing that for me, but now I'm done with that schooling for now, and need full-time job. And then school will call to me again. I love school.

:] Keeping up conversations even when you have the time is difficult. There are always other things to do. You can always find some reason to put something off.

Yeah, I fell over. I love Japan, and the Japanese culture. I don't think I have the patience to sit down and learn the language. But I think that's just that my mind doesn't work that way. It sounds like yours does, which I envy. Don't get me wrong, I like how my mind works. But it'd be nice to be more into languages. Might've helped if I had been in a language immersion program/school while growing up. Oh wait, we didn't have that here in Charlotte when I was growing up. /end sarcasm. They DID implement one the year after I finished middle school. So now I envy all those little kids.

Hopefully the mysterious time pops up soon! :) I look forward to these bios and drawings.

I don't find it odd that he does not have a FB account, actually. I don't know, I've been on the internet for so long that the fact that people are actually now ALWAYS on the internet still kind of shocks me. Had a computer all my life, and have had the internet since it came out, gets old at times. Not all the time, but there are times. So it's actually cool that he doesn't have a FB account.

Yeah, major gamer here, so met a lot of people online. Actually, I'd say I am a recovered video game addict to an extent, meaning, I still like video games, I just know now when to turn them off. So yeah, lots of people randomly added on all different sites that I don't know. I think there are two people on my LJ that are friends that I know IRL. One doesn't post anymore, and the other I have known since high school but have no interaction with anymore. Otherwise, I don't add people I know IRL to journals, except for my poetry ones. I'd rather have people who I won't happen to meet in the supermarket reading my journals than ones I will. ^_^

Yeah, rock bottom sucks. But being in a car accident sucks as well. I am glad you are okay!! Since age 17 I have suffered from major depression. I was partially hospitalized due to some very hurtful things some so-called friends said to me and I mentioned suicide in a email and my mom read it (I printed the email out). I realize now that I was probably actually depressed before the incident with those girls, and that incident just pushed the depression over the edge. I did not threaten suicide. I believe I mentioned it, in some really dumb way, trying to win sympathy. It didn't work, and just made me have to go to the mental behavioral health ward where I had a good look at my life and that there were people who were a LOT worse off than I was, and that my life may not be awesome, but wasn't bad. Most people would say being in a mental hospital was horrible. It was a great eye opener for me, and truthfully, afterwards, while I didn't thank those girls in person, I did thank them in writings I made in my LJ. This was the summer before senior year. I am also pretty sure I never really shared that info with any of my friends that year. It was like it was this horrible thing, being hospitalized. Now, looking back, probably something that helped me get on with my life. Also helped me find my current psychiatrist. He's awesome.
I refused to allow my parents to switch me to a boarding school. Sometimes I think I might've been happier going away somewhere else, but the reason I stayed where I was was because of my high school photo teacher. I wanted to take Photo 2 so badly. I'm not sure how I managed to get my way. I can be pretty stubborn to a certain extent, and I think my brother also stood up for me as well. Funny thing is, I don't speak to any of the friends I had in high school except one, and we really don't have much in common except for our job field. I think it's time to let those people go off of FB as well. Except that one friend. She also had a rough time in high school. Probably worse than I did. A teacher turned against her and literally kicked her out of a class for doing nothing wrong.

So yeah, that was the first rock bottom, and I'm pretty sure the real rock bottom. But I also think I've been dealing with this depression on and off for the past 10 years, so...while it hasn't been as bad as it was that first time, I've had periods of tough times. Not lately though, even with job issues.

Her friends are pets?? ...I don't think I want to know, do I? I admit, I am curious.

I agree with that. I think a lot of women get more beautiful as they age. Of course, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't agree, but hey, can't please everyone.

Nope, her husband's name is Jason. I checked. :]

I don't think I was on the Dean's List. I think that's reserved for those folk like you with 4.0s, and I did not get that last semester. Sadly, I was not able to conquer Diseases II. I did manage a high B in it though. But that class was majorly hard for me!

I'm Polish and Irish. Half and Half, straight down the middle. My mom probably would not have been able to marry my dad had it not been for my great aunt who married a German. Yay for Dewey! She was definitely a rebel. So yeah. Mom is Irish (O'Connell, very Irish), Dad is Polish (Krasniewski -- I figure if someone is going to stalk me, they must be insane because I am so not stalkworthy).

Thanks! I like Karen the K as well. My Photo teacher from high school wrote that on a box of photo paper I forgot in the classroom once and I have remembered it ever since. He was the best. There were three other Karens in my high school graduating class. There WERE two other Karens in the Vet Tech class -- they dropped out. So I got to be the only one who stayed. Even better. :]

I like cute Japanese endings! I just like Japanese stuff! It's all so cute!!

Yeah, I'll try not too water too much! I try to keep away from the creative writing for a while right now since I can't think of anything.

It is hard to not be kind. But we must both try to not be as kind!

Haha, I have a good memory for certain things. For certain school subjects, like Pharmacology, my mind draws a complete blank. Yeah. Total blank right now in that department.

Yay for tangents! :D And thanks!

And food is good. I love food. Food and I are friends. It just apparently doesn't want to stick with me anymore. It was sticking, finally, and then it decided to stop. :[ Oh well.
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