Please don't hate me for anything I say!

Date: 2011-10-07 10:47 pm (UTC)
claire_chan: oboe (oboe)
From: [personal profile] claire_chan
Every once in a while [i.e. when I have time], I try to clean up FB, LJ, and DW, by asking myself these four questions:
1. "Why do I associate with person ψ?"
2. "Do I actually like ψ?"
3. "Is it useful to remain in contact with ψ?"
4. "How does my relationship to ψ seem to others; must I remain in contact with ψ to remain in, say, ΑΜΓ?"

(Psi is my favourite Greek letter. ♥ Alpha Mu Gamma does not haze - it is an academic fraternity.)

As a (daresay I?) popular person, I just can't stay in contact with absolutely everyone I meet. The world is too large. @_@

I understand people are busy too, so not commenting is NOT a criterion in my friendship algorithm.

I don't know about you, but I'm interested in examining the relationship between you and me!
1. I associate with [personal profile] casimiera for the value of associating with another intelligent DW friend!
2. I do actually like you ^_^ but not in a creepy way!
3. It is useful for me to remain in contact with you, for the sake of having someone from DW to read about!
4. I don't think anyone outside DW even knows you and I write.

I hope it's okay I can't be nice to everyone ;_;
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