Re: Please don't hate me for anything I say!

Date: 2011-10-07 11:26 pm (UTC)
casimiera: (Default)
From: [personal profile] casimiera
I like your response to this entry. :]

Trust me, I don't expect everyone to agree with me on this, nor do I want them to!

Truthfully, I SHOULD clean up my LJ, DW (don't have many people to clean up maybe I'll refrain) and FB. And I think it's okay when other people do it and remove me. (I also think I'm taking out some of my frustrations of my RL on the internet, which isn't a good thing, but eh.)

I think you're adorable, and love reading your entries. And I'm not trying to be creepy either. ^_^

Now, there ARE the people who I find odd who have like 2000 FB friends. There's no possible way to know that many people. At least, not really. Most of the people on my list on FB, sometimes I have to go, "who the heck are you," go look at their page, and then go, oh, okay, I remember now. There was a girl I went to high school with who deleted me recently. At first, I was like, "why'd she do that?" and then I realized that we don't communicate at all, nor will we probably any time soon.

I like that number 4. It's true. Why should anyone outside DW know we write unless we tell them? That's why I do like online journals. I can share a part of me with certain people (or everyone, if I am inclined), but I don't have to share my real name, or where I live, or even what I look like if I don't want to. Which is what I don't always like about FB.

If you were nice to everyone, me, it isn't possible to be nice to everyone. I've tried, and failed quite miserably. Hence my very weird post above. ^^''

Also, I am the type of person who remembers EVERYONE. I mean, seriously. I remember faces and names very well. So sometimes I do forget that not everyone has that type of memory, and not everyone can stay friends with people forever. Friends come and go. :]
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