Date: 2011-10-08 02:07 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] claire_chan
Oh, I'm glad!! ♥ Honesty, at least in my case, tends to pay off! With a healthy dose of thoughtfulness.

I expect most people to differ from my viewpoint, therefore I'm on my own to explain and support my opinion.
DW seems to be a "safe haven" from the wilderness of the Internet writ large.
I'm eternally grateful to my friend [personal profile] aim_of_destiny for inviting me here. Aim's one of those people who doesn't reveal her name - which is okay, especially since she did tell me.

It's a matter of whether I actually have the time to deal with others - maintaining a 4.0 is practically impossible in the face of keeping everything else in life up to par.
(Right now, it's the beginning of Fall Break for me, so I can explain this better than if I were faced with a Theory melody accompanied the knowledge I have to accompany it with ii, V and vii chords on a piano in front of class next time BESIDES a sheet of Russian parts of speech, both due in class tomorrow morning! Although, honestly, Russian's in the mid-afternoon... Theory is "fun" in the way only Theory can be. u_u)

Do you have time to ask yourself those questions? Most of the time, I don't. Now is special - fall break.

I hope your RL is geting better! ;_; Mine did this semester - I got a paid executive governmental position, and I got permission to mostly study Latin and Greek, my personal expertises! (Along with computer science and pure maths! Not the monotony of constant Calculus, but the particularly interesting stuff like set theory and the beginnings of topology!! ♥ Of course, [ profile] volandum knows that kind of stuff much better than I do, as he majors in it.)

Thank you ♥ My entries... um... come from my head xD I keep telling myself I should make a biography sheet of all my characters so I can keep them all straight, but I only have one piece of fiction right now which isn't too complex, and it's intended as motivation to keep my journal regularly updated. For some reason, people REALLY like it! Maybe because it's a break from checking how people are doing? Maybe because I write it when I technically don't have time?

The people who have 2000 FB friends make me very suspicious.
Do they legitimately need to keep in touch with so many others? Like throughout grade school, I tend to maintain maybe three genuine friends. I can't keep track of anyone else - I just lost my cup of tea! I know it's in the kitchen somewhere but I was thinking about what I wanted to say to you... it's okay, maybe I'll find it by the end of my comment!
I like some of the people with whom I went to class - but not very many. So my FB list is mostly hand-picked as of the last time I reviewed it.

*nod* I find it easier to be forthright and reveal: okay, I'm this University student from near Philadelphia often stuck in Schuylkill traffic. (That's pronounced skookle) I visit northeast Philly every year or so with the Russian Club for the cultural immersion experience.
(And also because my parents love Russian bacon. It's like European-style bacon in that the butcher slices the amount you want upon order! The pieces are much bigger than American-style bacon.)

I've SEEN some people not give FB their actual names - like my friends "Atheists Uniteddotorg" or "CaƱas Gonzales Oboe". I consider my name unique and just don't do stuff I'm ashamed of revealing to employers, so I'm all right with revealing it - I'm Claire Binkley. You can google me - apparently I'm the only one in the US according to whitepages dot com, and the other ones died or were from Scotland or something. I am an oboist with a bit of bassoonery, and an Atheist. University student.
Don't worry about my manner of revealing so much about myself - I don't expect you to do the same. In fact, if it freaks you out, just don't bother. DW is a safe place.

Also, without some sort of Internet pseudonym, I can't forget it - my memory is extremely limited.

You can only be nice to a certain KIND of person...

I'm somewhat envious of your mad memory skillz. If I can attach a specific memory to a person, then I can remember that one. Like Carolyn B. played the flute solos when I played Scheherazade so many years ago. I can't forget her, or my rooming with her, or how floozy I found her.
I embarrassed myself a week or two ago by confusing the OCCA president's name with the treasurer's, but then apologised to both. It was okay.

Off to put my empty cup in the sink!
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