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Went to Cheap Joe's today for art supplies. 52 dollars later and I am now the proud owner of these:

2 palette knives (I lose them easily), three brushes and three tubes of paint. I'm very excited about the paint. One is a darker version of my favorite color (and was really really expensive), Naples Yellow Hue. Ever since I found that color, I use it in all of my paintings. Love love love love. So yeah. It is the deeper version of it. It was only in the professional grade oils section. I usually buy student grade because I'm cheap and also have no money but I really liked this one! I refrained from buying the light version. Took a lot of effort let me tell you. I shouldn't go into art stores. Anyway. Also bought two very nice tubes of brown. Brown Madder and Vandyke Brown. I love brown. When you mix it with other paints you can get this really dark and rich color and I just loooove that. I'm a fan of earth tones so I'm surprised I managed to only leave with three tubes. As for the brushes, I think I bought maybe two new brushes back in 2008 when I started painting again. The other brushes are from 2003. So I needed some new ones. I also broke my filbert, and that's the one I primarily use, so definitely needed that. I wanted to buy a canvas and some acrylic paint as well, but I refrained. Too expensive and I wasn't going to use my credit card to pay for the paints. I had 55 bucks in my purse, so I was pretty lucky. But still. Those paintbrushes were expensive! But they should last awhile so that's good. I still have three canvases I can use for paintings but I really liked the shape and size of the one. 8 x 16. I thought it would be a unique shape and would be fun. I'll get it next time.

For some reason this post sounds really strange to me. It's me yet not me. I don't get it. Oh well.

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