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oh hello old journal. my fingers are slightly rusty from not being used to write things in journals, but maybe i'll try it again. back on LJ, back on dreamwidth.
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Went to Cheap Joe's today for art supplies. 52 dollars later and I am now the proud owner of these:

2 palette knives (I lose them easily), three brushes and three tubes of paint. I'm very excited about the paint. One is a darker version of my favorite color (and was really really expensive), Naples Yellow Hue. Ever since I found that color, I use it in all of my paintings. Love love love love. So yeah. It is the deeper version of it. It was only in the professional grade oils section. I usually buy student grade because I'm cheap and also have no money but I really liked this one! I refrained from buying the light version. Took a lot of effort let me tell you. I shouldn't go into art stores. Anyway. Also bought two very nice tubes of brown. Brown Madder and Vandyke Brown. I love brown. When you mix it with other paints you can get this really dark and rich color and I just loooove that. I'm a fan of earth tones so I'm surprised I managed to only leave with three tubes. As for the brushes, I think I bought maybe two new brushes back in 2008 when I started painting again. The other brushes are from 2003. So I needed some new ones. I also broke my filbert, and that's the one I primarily use, so definitely needed that. I wanted to buy a canvas and some acrylic paint as well, but I refrained. Too expensive and I wasn't going to use my credit card to pay for the paints. I had 55 bucks in my purse, so I was pretty lucky. But still. Those paintbrushes were expensive! But they should last awhile so that's good. I still have three canvases I can use for paintings but I really liked the shape and size of the one. 8 x 16. I thought it would be a unique shape and would be fun. I'll get it next time.

For some reason this post sounds really strange to me. It's me yet not me. I don't get it. Oh well.

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I admit, I am not an avid commenter. There are times when I am commenting on everything, and there are times when I don't comment at all. I think on a journal, removing someone for not commenting on your entries is not a big deal, actually, and I can understand why people do that. I don't do that. Even if you never comment, even if you hardly ever post, I most likely won't delete you, mostly because I find people fascinating (as a person who isn't the biggest fan of others, that could be considered hypocritical I suppose), but I like the fact that with an online journal, we allow people a small look into our lives and let them see that we are actually quite similar to many different people.

The one thing I find distasteful is removing friends from Facebook, especially if they are people you know/knew and were/are close to. I had a friend who randomly deleted me from myspace. I no longer have myspace, nor did I really check it, so I didn't care that much. Then he deleted me from Facebook. We were really close and while I admit we hadn't talked for a while, you'd think he'd like to use me for networking, since I had told him that if I ever found out about any graphic design jobs that I couldn't do, I'd send them to him. So it was a bit of a shock when he did that. I sent him a short, very nice message about it, and he told me he randomly cleans up his facebook every once in a while and I shouldn't take it personally. Well, I suppose I shouldn't. That is his choice if he doesn't want to list me as a friend on facebook. It's also my choice not to give him any references when graphic design jobs come my way (which they do from time to time).

I think it's completely different when you are friends with someone from high school you haven't talked to since high school, or maybe even earlier, and they remove you from their list. But when my friend from graphic design removed me, stating it was nothing personal and that he just liked to clean up his list from time to time, that just annoyed me. Then again, I do hope he doesn't remove his girlfriend from his list. I would hate to see the wrath of the girlfriend scorned by facebook. It would be quite entertaining, but still scary.

So in conclusion, if you like lots of comments from your online journal friends, I am probably not the best person for that. I do try, but I admit, there are times when I have nothing to say. Doesn't mean I'm not reading.

There's my little rant/just some information for you to know. :) I do love to read about what goes on in other people's lives. Makes my life seem so...well, I don't know. Just makes it seem like my life is pretty normal, since I see people struggling with stuff that either I have struggled with, or am struggling with. Or may struggle with in the future. :]
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He has been off and on this couch with me all day. I've been here since Saturday. Apparently he forgets who I am and finally decides I'm acceptable. Still. BEST. CAT. EVER.
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The mere sense of living is joy enough. - Emily Dickinson

It is better to dream your life than to live it, and even though you live it, you will still dream it. - Marcel Proust

Why is it that the dreams you find yourself dreaming are nothing like the dreams that you are living? I can see the poise, the confidence, but then it hides in places that I cannot go, and am left standing alone, feeling the meekness and frustration that I thought I banished somewhere else, but alas, I forgot to lock the door.


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